How to choose your colors

Colors play an important role in our daily life. Often we don’t recognize, but they have a large influence on our state of mind and how we assess a space. To a large extent colors determine the atmosphere of your home. Warm colors create an intimate feeling while cold and colorful tones create a fresh and lively impression. It depends on the purpose and measurement of the spaces which colors you can combine the best. 

Are you looking for inspiration and advice on everything that has to do with the application of color in interior design? 

Do you have a color in mind for your home that you can’t reproduce on paper?

Or do you have absolutely no idea what color fits best?

Harbers Interior Design will be very happy to advise you!


I visit you at your home. Together we walk through all the rooms and discuss possible colors (and combinations) on the basis of the possibilities and your personal preferences. We also pay special attention to the style of the house, the light and the size of the areas.




Nine good reasons to request a color advice by Harbers Interior Design:

  1. A color advice begins with listening.  I always take into account your wishes and ideas. A good color advice leads to a color palette that really suits you.
  2. Let your house come into its own. Every house and every room has its own character. By clever use of colors you can highlight the typical individuality of your house and the features of the rooms to the fullest.
  3. The right color (combination) will perform miracles. By the right use of color you can accentuate or eliminate parts. Each house has its beautiful, but also less attractive sides.
  4. The most beautiful color combinations. I not only provide you with professional advice. You also get beautiful and contemporary color collections, especially made for you. For me there are no secrets in the ‘world of colors’. The color combinations I compose are made to fit all the way into your existing furniture and personal style.                                                                                                                                      
  5. Putting nice color accents. With one or more accent walls you make a fresh and colorful key in your interior. You can paint them in bold colors and enlarge the room visually. I will help you to determine an accent wall or other accents and what color(s) you should use.
  6. Atmosphere. Colors create a lot of atmosphere and can positively affect your state of mind. With color you can determine the atmosphere of your bedroom, living room, kitchen or porch and provide a spatial effect. I will gladly help you in choosing appropriate color combinations and give you advice to enlarge certain areas or just make them more intimate.                                                                                                                                                                        10620663_560870984016554_6612665248594533154_n  
  7. Sense of space. With the use of colors you can strongly influence space sense in a room or porch. I will help you to find out how you can make rooms look taller, longer or wider with colors and surfaces.
  8. White. A white décor creates a special atmosphere in which colors are no longer the landmarks, but especially the materials and textures. I am very happy to give you advice for a successful white interior.
  9. Neutral colors. Do you think neutral colors are dull? A neutral color scheme highlights the furniture and architecture of your house to the fullest. I give you advice on the use of neutral colors in your interior.