The amazing interior trends of 2018

In 2017, interiors were focussed on a more mature, adult and distinguished appearance. In 2018 it all becomes somewhat looser, more playful and more exuberant. Over the top, but chic! The 2017 trend of classic, exclusive, warm and natural interiors however remains the basis for 2018.

Colors & ‘colorblocking’

I dare you to get started in 2018 with colorblocking. It’s all about combining bright, speaking, sparkling and contrasting colors with each other. Such as cobalt blue (cool) and orange (warm). This allows you to show your pronounced interior taste. You also can apply to the more subtle ton-sur-ton approach: a palette of different shades in the same color.

2018 is the color of Heart Wood, a warm, inviting and soft, adult purple-pink hue. By using this color your interior will be a relaxing place where you can charge yourself again. In my opinion Heart Wood is a versatile color that allows you to create all kinds of spheres, depending on the palette you choose. This color is beautiful in combination with trend colors gold, ochre yellow and dark green.

Lots of wood

I saw a lot of glass combined with metallics in 2017. In 2018 occasionally the wooden dining and coffee table will reappear. I am very happy with it. Wood immediately gives the space atmosphere and cosiness. It’s also surprising to combine different wood species. Do you live in a house with authentic beams or wooden floor? Crab off the paint and sand the wood nicely.


If you’re interested in the fashion world and trends you already may have noticed: the holographic-trend. This trend also entered the world of interior design. Each room should have a ‘spark’ through the use of (transparent) products with a rainbow gloss slash unicorn glow, lots of glitter and futuristic prints. You have to have a little bit of guts!
Of course you can always adress it subtly with, for example, holographic accessories. What about beautiful fabrics with a subtle glitter thread woven into it?

Underwater world

What a great (!) trend: the mermaid-tile. In 2018 this tile is really the replacement for the white subway tile. Use this tile in chic black or, for a more playful look, choose bright, sea green.

Interior Trend 2018 No 1. NATURAL & PLAYFUL COLOR TONES

A big change for 2018 is that black loses its popularity and dark brown takes over. White remains the main base color. A logical consequence, I think, given the rise of the natural living trends in previous years. However, you can continue to apply black at accessories and as an accent color.

In 2017 it was all about warm, dark and expressive colors such as dark green, dark blue, burgundy and eggplant. These colors provided a classic and natural look.
In 2018 we add playful and bright colors as an accent.
Actually how crazier the better: apple green, cobalt blue, ochre yellow, orange and even barbie pink.

In addition we also can add more subtle colors, such as the powder shades soft lavender, sea green and grey. I think there is really something for everyone in 2018.

Interior Trend 2018 No. 2. NATURAL & CLASSIC MATERIALS

In terms of materials, I invite you to get started with gold, brass, bronze, marble and black steel. These materials are, (also) in 2018, very trendy.

Now you may think ‘ black ‘? But for accessories and accents in your interior, black is still fashionable.
Marble is still a interior trend. And, apparently, we cannot say goodbye to this wonderful natural product. As I wrote before, in addition to natural stone, we also are going to use furniture and home accessories made of wood: dark teak and oak.
What I really like is that we continue to use natural materials such as rattan in the interior of 2018.
Read my blog about the tremendous benefits of rattan in your interior (sorry …. in Dutch 😉

Interior Trend 2018 No. 3. RICH & CLASSIC TEXTILE

An interior trend of 2017 is the use of rich, classic fabrics like velvet. This will be continued in 2018. The application of furniture with velvet gives your interior a rich and classic feel. And do you love knitted fabrics? Then 2018 will be yours! Because they may not lack in your interior. Knitted blankets and pillows will make your interior ‘ 2018-proof ‘.

Interior Trend 2018 No. 4. VINTAGE & RETRO

In 2018 we travel back in time: the years 50, 60 and 70. Retro and vintage furniture and home accessories will be very trendy. We say goodbye to the minimalist black & white trends, which is very popular for a number of years now. We are switching to interiors with a story. Use a lot of natural materials such as wood, terracotta and rattan.

Go for color combinations such as (dark) brown, yellow and orange. It’s permitted again!

Put that beautiful wooden table with brass feet back again and if you really dare … use linoleum in your house. Although for extensive application in the Caribbean this is maybe not really suitable, but still … in the early days considered as ‘cheap’, for 2018 trendy again!

Interior Trend 2018 No. 5. GEOMETRIC SHAPES & PRINTS

In 2018 geometrical, graphic and nature-inspired shapes and prints may not lack in your interior. This is not a complete new trend, but one that emerges much more clearly in 2018. So in 2017 you could buy botanical drawings and pineapple and flamingo prints in all of the interior stores. In 2018 you can go even further! Think of frills, bright fabrics and festive materials. The more color, the more exotic, the better!

Geometric shapes also remain. Especially in patterns on your wall. But you also will see it a lot on rugs, pillows and bedding. Geometric shapes such as triangles, circles and diamonds will appear on your wallpaper or on tiles in the bathroom or kitchen.

Would you like a less invasive option? Consider a duvet cover, carpet, cushions, lamps or vases.
Also typography we will see in 2018.Collect all your beautiful prints, photos and works of art and hang them. A real eye catcher!

I wish you a lot of interior fun in 2018!

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