Trends for Caribbean interiors 2016 … be inspired

For 2016 there are some beautiful and surprising trends whereby you can be inspired when decorating your Caribbean interior. I put them in a row for you.

Powder and skin colors & white. Powder and skin colors will be popular in the Caribbean interior in 2016. They combine well with metallic, shades of white and grey. Salmon tones and terracotta also will be a trend.


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On the other hand white interiors will also gain popularity. So I expect that white (tones), grey, powder and skin colors in combination with warm metals and metallics will often be used. Beautiful!


Hand-crafted products, organic shapes & textures. In 2016, comparing to 2015, Caribbean interiors will be enriched with natural materials and organic shapes. From furniture to lampshades, tableware to rugs, undefined shapes & natural textures are making an appearance. Soft, organic shapes (round & oval) give contrast and a playful character. Cuddly soft materials with relief are pleasant to touch. Designers will incorporate hand-crafted accessories, decoration, ceramics and handwoven textiles into interiors. More and more local artisans will be supported and more and more local products will be used for interior purposes: local designed by hand.





Warm metals & metallics. Brass and warm gold-tones are here to stay in the Caribbean interior for at least another few years. The popularity of copper, bronze & rose tones will continue. Glittering metallics are popular in 2016. From textiles to accessories. From exuberant shiny ‘disco’ sparks to more tempered tones.





Tropical & exotic motifs. The tropical and jungle trend is also evident in the Caribbean interior in 2016. From fabrics, curtains and cushions to furniture and accessories. Wild animals, palm trees, tropical fruit and exotic birds …. it’s all there!




Tribal African prints. Textiles and accessories with prints based on tribal African life will be very popular in interior design in 2016. Not only black and white, also bold colors as red, orange, yellow and green mixed with a traditional palette of black, brown, grey & cream.





Bring nature inside and around your home. Plants will bring balance in your interior. Color tones of blue and green shades will give rest and harmonize your environment. Mostly with an aged undertone. These natural colors are the counterpart of powder and skin colors, but combine beautiful with it. Pure, honest, natural materials will be incorporated in the Caribbean interior such as wood, linen and wool.



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