Many people like to decorate their own house. Yes, of course it’s fun to do so! But there are a few pitfalls which you should take into account. In this article I will give you a few basic tips that can help you decorating your house.

1. Do: mix warm and cool colors in your house
In many interiors often just or warm or cool colors are used. I think this bores very quickly. It’s better to add a combination of warm and cool colors to your interior. This certainly has not to be 50/50. You also can give your interior a boost with different prints and patterns within the same color tint. Also a (huge) floor rug in a room with different colors and printing can connect everything and make sure that everything fits together as a whole.

12 Do’s & Don’ts for your interior

2. Don’t: choose a wrong format
Very often people choose wrong formats of products in their house. F.e. an extreme large lamp hanging above the dining table which makes the dining area actually very small. The best thing is to purchase something small and apply a number of those items instead of using one big item. When you use a number of smaller items the total will look automatically larger.

But also: when you have an XL space go for it and use also XL-stuff! So you keep everything in proportion within your house. For example, choose for large plants or a nice big painting.

3. Do: group and organize

There is so much fun on sale for in your home. Most of us are a great fan of to collect as much as possible. To create a balanced and relaxed atmosphere I recommend you to group the accessories and furniture instead of placing everything here and there throughout your house. Create small groups with items that you like. No hundreds of picture frames like confetti scattered all through your house, but a frame composition merged on one wall. This is also the way the pictures will be appreciated more. Also make sure that if you have a very special item, that you have only one of it. This emphasizes the special value. It will not be undervalued because of the presence of the same items throughout your house.  

4. Don’t: put furniture against the wall
Many people tend to place furniture against the wall. However, your room appears bigger if you set up the furniture more spacious, even in a small apartment. Put the sofa or chairs not against the wall, but keep some centimeters free and place the cabinet perpendicular to the wall as a sort of divider.

5. Do: give your house a wink
Everyone wants to give his house a unique look. Give your home a small nod that suits you. This you can do very striking but also on a very subtle way. For example, choose for a bright colored window frame! If you really like it but still not dare completely, think of giving the side of the door a tan. So you keep it subtle, but you added something special to your interior.
Check this out: think of your ceiling. Many people find this bold, but certainly for higher areas it is cool to give your ceiling a color.

6. Don’t: use small, cheap pillows in your interior
Pillows are important accessories in the interior. Therefore I recommend to choose good pillows that last longer and not collapse. Pillows should be comfortable, full and formable. There are synthetic fillings, but these are not always comfortable. A couple of large pillows looks nicer than a lot of small pillows. Tip: fluff a pillow to see if the quality is good.

7. Do: mix and match
In many interiors all things are matched. If we have a red rug for example, then it’s very common to use this color also on the wall and in our pillows on the couch. So you get an interior with all red accents. Pretty boring. So don’t tune in too much on each other, but mix and match different colors in your interior! For example, if you work with red, you can add orange and aubergine. In aubergine blue is also processed, which combines the warm and cool colors. There are no rules. Do your thing and create your own personal style.

8. Don’t: paint walls in a color when you’re not one hundred percent sure
A paint color makes or breaks down the look of a room. If the color doesn’t fit your interior completely, the result will be not nice. Choosing the right color requires experience and a creative brain. Not sure of the color? Consult Harbers Interior Design Bonaire. Also you can read my
article about choosing your colors.

9. Do: wait with buying accessories during move or renovation
If you are going to move or at the beginning of a renovation, you are of course very enthusiastic. You would like to purchase your entire furniture and all accessories in advance. Still the best you can do is wait. It’s very important you think carefully about which furniture and accessories you would like to have. Save the best for last so that you know exactly what you need and what you want to add to your new interior.

10. Don’t: save on lighting
The most common error, is that the lamp is not big enough for the space. People often save on lamps, while they are very important. Sometimes spaces are not well finished, because they miss a certain finishing touch. This can be a chandelier or in a modern interior a sleek lamp. Don’t be afraid to use a daring light object. You can also cluster lighting for a playful effect. Read my interesting
article about lighting and how to use it.

11. Do: use the height
We don’t use it often, but the effect is so fantastic: make more use of the altitude in your house. We are so used to stick to the standard sizes of, for example, a cabinet. Let this idea go and make it high up to the ceiling. Perhaps you can’t reach everything quite right, but it effects the space and the architecture of your house very well. It’s stunning!

12. Don’t: stop puzzling if you’re not happy
You want your new interior fits you like a glove. Are you still not completely satisfied? Then your interior decoration is not finished yet. An interior should fit your personality. Probably you have to add some elements if it’s still not satisfactory. Harbers Interior Design Bonaire is very happy to help and support you with all your interior issues. Feel free to contact us.

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