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Colorful Furniture with a Caribbean Twist


Bring color into your life by enriching your interior with the beautiful furniture of MG Furniture Bonaire in collaboration with Harbers Interior Design Bonaire. Find us on Facebook. MG Furniture Bonaire and Harbers Interior Design Bonaire. Also for unique Lamps & Shades and high quality Curtains. Please contact us [...]

Colorful Furniture with a Caribbean Twist2020-05-03T16:56:08+00:00

Lamps with Stunning Shades


With great pride we introduce our Stunning Lamp Shades: The "HIDCollection - Summer 19". Colorful & Eyecathing! Handmade. Highest Quality. And completely customized to your needs. Instead of throwing away your old lamp you can bring your old lamp shade and let us refurbish it. With the fabric of [...]

Lamps with Stunning Shades2019-07-19T14:51:23+00:00

9 Sources of Inspiration for a Color Palette


There are many ways to gain interior inspiration. Pinterest is used by pinning images of other people's interiors that appeal to style or atmosphere. Interior programs on television and You Tube are also sources of inspiration, certainly because they show what can be achieved with a metamorphosis of your [...]

9 Sources of Inspiration for a Color Palette2019-02-26T19:09:19+00:00
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