Did you always wanted to know how others make such great profits out of their vacation rental properties? In such a short time?

Read these 4 MUST-do’s to make your rental holiday residence a big success with huge revenues (and satisfied guests of course!).

4 MUST-do’s to make your rental holiday residence a resounding success.

1. Attractive photo’s

The rental of your house starts with perfect photo’s showing the space truthfully and attractive.

Over all & detail. Photograph both the entire space and facilities as well as nicely styled corners. Atmosphere is also very important!

Light: not too much and not too little. Interiors show most beautiful with natural light. Make sure you don’t use too little light, but certainly also not too much. Interiors are often the best when they are photographed in the morning or in the evening (at dusk), because the light is softer then.

Shadow: ensure balance. Avoid hard shadows! Balance the light in different places by dimming it in one place and adding light to another spot. You can add light with a reflector or a professional lamp.

Composition: a matter of taste. When you photograph an interior, you always take photos from far away and more close up. The photos from far give an overall picture and the close-ups give an impression of the atmosphere. The best composition depends on your personal taste and the space you photograph. It’s also important to find the right angle.

Styling: make it lively. With nice compositions, beautiful color combinations and surprising setups you can achieve very attractive pictures.

Know your camera! Whether you have an extremely expensive camera with different lenses or a less extensive one: all cameras have settings. It is especially important that you know what your camera can and can not do.

Be patient. Do not expect you have the perfect picture right away. Even the best photographers sometimes have to search for the perfect angle or lighting.

Edit. Photograph in RAW-format. This means that the camera does not apply automatic operations at all. That is why the image may seem less beautiful at first than when you shoot with JPG. But when you start editing the photos, RAW is a much better foundation.

Of course you can take pictures yourself. On internet you can find lots of educational manuals and video’s which will help you with (interior) photography.

Also it’s very important to style your interior before taking pictures. Otherwise your photos lose their meaning and pass their goal.

My strong advice to you is to hire a professional photographer and stylist to ensure you have the best photo’s to rent (or sell!) your property.

I can do this for you! In one package! I take complete care of the styling and will provide you a supreme photo report in collaboration with a professional photographer. Easy as that!

Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested and/or if you want more information.

2. Everything clean & bright

This hint may be superfluous, but super important. A clean, fresh house looks much more attractive than when it's a mess! Hire a cleaner before new guests arrive and arrange cleaning at a regular base during their stay. Did you know that your guests immediately feel at home when your rental property has a nice smell?

3. Personal touch

Guests appreciate a nice bunch of flowers or a welcome note when arriving at their vacation home. On Bonaire you can try also awa di lamoenchi or some Bonairian bolo pretu (cake). So much fun! Because of such small things, your guests immediately feel at home.

Extra tip: make a list of festivals, your favorite restaurants or bars and directions to the most important cultural and other places of interest. This way your guests can discover the island as a real local!

4. Products for personal care, towels, bedlinen and so on

For the traveler it's super useful if he doesn't have to think about shampoo, shower gel and towels. Of course it saves space in the suitcase!

The satisfaction of guests strongly depends on a high quality of property management!

I provide you a high quality management for your rental property: reliable, guest orientated, personal and friendly. High services: maintenance (garden, pool, other), cleaning, inspections, personal attention for guests during arrival and departure (including transport), personal touch, availability for guests if required and desired, etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested and/or if you want more information.

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