Urban Living, Nature, Authenticity, Imperfection, Purity, Transience, Pureness, Sustainability & Contrasts.

These are the key elements for the Interior Trends 2019.

Be inspired! Have fun!

Interior Trends 2019? Watch this!

Urban Living

With less space, you can do more. By being smart with the available space with small changes you can adapt a certain part of your house to the function that you need at that moment. We call this modular decorating. Your living space therefore can also become your workspace: multifunctional! A maintenance-free cast floor fits with every function of the interior thanks to its seamless and tight character. In terms of styling we go towards intimate and cozy. Think of deep, dark colors like purple and blue in combination with soft materials such as velvet.

Inspired by Nature

The world around us is changing rapidly, especially in the technological field. We are exposed to all kinds of stimuli every day and have the need to withdraw, relax and find peace by keeping a connection with nature.

Natural materials and plants ensure that connection with nature and because of this you create peace in your home.

This is also reflected in the interior in terms of colors, shape and materials. You will see many natural, earthy colors like all shades of green in combination with powder shades such as soft pink and sand color. We also see more and more screed floors in a natural shade but with a mottled pattern applied in interiors. Natural materials such as felt, wool, rattan, bamboo, hemp and cane fit well in this interior style in combination with organic shapes, vintage items and glass bottles. With these colors and materials you create an oasis of peace in your home. Bring nature into your home by using green plants as accessories. This 'urban jungle' trend we saw last year and this continues in 2019: especially large plants that make a real statement in your interior.

Conveniently, the basic color green is easy to match with gray and blue tones. In this natural trend, many rugs are possible, such as vintage, jute or wool rugs.

Pure Structures and Authenticity

As a counter reaction to creating the 'perfect picture' on social media, the need arises for authenticity, imperfection, purity and transience. This is expressed in the interior by designs with coarse structures, natural patterns and materials such as raw wood, natural stone and marble. We see unexpected combinations in decorations: layering, waffle structures, honeycomb patterns, perforations, baked materials and especially an unpolished look & feel. Combine this raw mix of materials with basic colors such as brown, black and white in combination with warm tones like ocher, honey and terracotta. As a basis we see many tight cast floors in a neutral, cool color combined with warmer shades in the rest of the interior. We also see brass or bronze accents in furniture and accessories, not in a shiny but a more matte finish.


In the current time of climate change and a greater awareness of the environment, sustainability remains a trend. In recent years we have started to live more and more consciously. This is reflected in our energy consumption, our clothing and our interior. It is unfortunately not possible to do everything sustainable, but there are a number of materials that are. Think of cork, jute, linen and cane.

Plants also fit within the sustainable trend. The more green in the house, the better!


More and more we ask ourselves in life to “keep all the balls high”, take on multiple roles and multi task. Often there are two different lives: one on-line and one off-line. This leads to opposites and interesting contrasts mixed together in the interior. Think about round versus square, cool and warm tones, matte versus gloss, opaque versus transparent, black and white, soft versus rough, masculine versus feminine. Interesting is also a blend of raw and refined materials: rattan with velvet, linen with bamboo or a tight cast floor with a woolen sheepskin. Nearly cursing colors and different prints are combined next to each other.

We saw this trend earlier in the pronounced trend of color blocking. In 2019, this trend will continue somewhat less radically. So instead of all kinds of colors you see a combination of two colors on the wall more often. You can also think of a round carpet with a rectangular bed and a velvet chair at an industrial table. When it comes to color combinations, you see cool shades combined with warm shades, such as blue and orange, as opposites.

In search for contrasts boundaries are looked up. And this is how eclectic and quirky interiors are created.


In 2019 a number of colors make their turnout, but there are also quite a few stays. Think of green, mustard yellow and (cobalt) blue. New color trends that we are going to see are gold, purple, beige and pastel shades. With the pastel shades, sweet pink makes way for lilac and (orange-like) peach. This may also come back in a dark shade. Terra peach is a new color trend with peachy, salmon pink and orange hues.

Terracotta is also a color that we will see more. This is good to combine with materials such as bronze and copper.

The color combinations will become more daring in the coming year. Surprising are dark purple and the beige tones that come back. These colors fit well with the typical 90s style that we already see in the fashion world. Gold is an accent color that can be combined well with other colors. Actually, in 2019, much is possible in terms of color.

Must Haves

If you want to go all the way with the interior trends of 2019, there are a number of items indispensable in your interior. This is how velvet is hot. Think of velvet chairs, poufs, benches and pillowcases. Also your own green oasis can not be missed in your home. The more plants, the better! For example, combine different types of various sizes and put them together as much as possible. As far as home accessories are concerned, we continue to see many rugs. These are no longer limited to the familiar interior colors green, gray, cream and blue that we previously saw a lot, but we also see more and more other colors making their mark. Think of yellow, old pink and clay.

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