There are many ways to gain interior inspiration. Pinterest is used by pinning images of other people’s interiors that appeal to style or atmosphere. Interior programs on television and You Tube are also sources of inspiration, certainly because they show what can be achieved with a metamorphosis of your interior. A visit to furniture stores offers you choices in terms of furniture pieces.

Yet it's difficult in this way to really make a translation to your own interior. I advise you to take a few steps back and examine yourself: "What makes me happy? How do I get my own image?".

I would start with color, instead of -at the first place- look at style and content. Color is the first thing you see, and also evokes the most emotion. For this reason I do not start by choosing pieces of furniture or styles, but with the preliminary work - getting inspiration - to discover your personal interior color palette.

This is also useful if you have a design made by an interior designer, because communicating about colors that you like is best done by showing them. It is an ideal starting point to look further at the right options that suit you.

9 Sources of Inspiration for a Color Palette

What is a color palette?

A color palette is a collection of colors that together form a whole. You can compare it with a palette of paint colors a painter works with to make a painting. But instead of paint (only) it is about the colors of everything that's visible in your interior. So it's not just about the walls, but also about the floor, the ceiling, the furniture, the curtains, the cushions, the plant pots, the accessories and so on. You do 'color your interior' with a color palette, whether you use white or bright colors. You map these colors by collecting images that appeal to you.

For you I have listed 9 sources of inspiration.

Source of inspiration 1 - Your own interior

What makes you look for a new color palette? Are you looking for a color combination that is more coherent? Of which colors are you getting bored? Which colors make you happy? But also: which colors will stay anyway? After all, an existing floor is not just replaced: it continues to play a major role in the palette. Take photos of what remains and cut them out: these are your first colors!

Source of inspiration 2 - Your wardrobe

There is a good chance that you will find colors in your clothing that appeal to you, which you feel comfortable with. These colors can - possibly in variances - also be translated into your interior.

Source of inspiration 3 - Holiday photos

My favorite is the inspiration you get in other countries, for example on vacation. Well, of course the light and the local setting have a lot of influence on color perception. What is beautiful on your vacation in Ecuador does not have to be beautiful in your house, but it certainly works as a starting point. It is a source of color inspiration where memories - and therefore emotions - are linked to. Do you also have such a nice memories of a holiday? Get the photos and see if you can find colors or even color combinations in them that you probably want to use in your own interior.

Source of inspiration 4 - Instagram

Your own Instagram account (if you have one) also shows what appeals to you - do you see a recurring pattern of colors? Or just one image that pops out of which the colors hit you in one way or another?

Source of inspiration 5 - Art

First look at art in your own home: do you have a favorite painting for example which colors appeal to you? You already can get a whole palette from one of these inspiration sources. If you do not yet have any art at home, you can also gain a lot of inspiration on the internet or visit a museum.

Source of inspiration 6 - Magazines

Glossy (fashion) magazines do well, they show photo reports that are styled down to the last detail and are perfect as an overall picture. I also find photography (f.e. in National Geographic) very inspiring. For this purpose you do not necessarily have to have the latest releases, but you do want a number of different sheets where you can tear out images. You also can use second-hand magazines when they are still in good condition.

Source of inspiration 7 – Architecture

A walk through a town or village also provides inspiration, not only for color but also for materials. Walk into public buildings where much knowledge and attention has been paid to the interior. This is also very interesting to look at if you want to investigate a particular style.

A useable source on internet is YouTube.

Source of inspiration 8 – Pinterest

Known and loved by many: Pinterest. Pictures of nice interiors or furniture are often pinned. You can also take a step back here and pin photos or illustrations that have nothing to do with interior - for color combinations or just a few colors that appeal to you the most. One blue is not the other. From my Pinterest account you can also pick colors and other interior ideas yourself and put them on your own board. Soon you see a trend emerge.

Source of inspiration 9 - Nature

Of course nature is a source of inspiration for color, perhaps even the best, as it is the origin of all colors! And it's not just about green, brown and ocean blue (but what is ocean blue?) The ocean (or is it the sky?) is constantly changing in countless shades of blue. A detailed photo and also different weather types can yield interesting colors.

How to apply?

Did you collect a lot of different images: no worries. Afterwards you (or your interior designer;)) can sort them into groups of images that fit together. This is an ideal way to see where you ultimately want to go for. Then you can scratch some color images off your list and see if you can come up with a new combination within the colors you have collected.

If you have your interior color palette in your hands, then you can apply it. Which colors can best be applied in the larger areas in the house? What colors for the furniture, which for the curtains, the cushions and other accessories? There will be a deepening by the use of different materials, and for example by using more bright, dark or softer variants of a color.

By keeping the palette you will less easily come home with a clashing colors because it was so beautiful in someone else's interior.

Choosing colors is one of the most important steps when you start tackling your interior. But for many people also one of the most difficult. It is therefore absolutely not surprising to ask for help. Consider us, Harbers Interior Design Bonaire. We have the creativity, courage and experience to achieve the best result for and with you! Feel free to contact us.

I wish you lots of fun with inspiring yourself and others!

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